Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Three weeks from today, I will be leaving for my semester abroad. Anxiety has started to set in, as time run shorts and my to-do list grows longer. Friday, I will be taking a quick trip to Chicago for the day to get my visa. The employees at the consulate have hung up on me three times already, so I'm hoping my visit will be a little more productive.
I still have not secured housing for my visit! Twice, I have had arrangements, but they have been accidentally booked to other international students. Luckily, I found a woman that attends UK who did her undergraduate work in the city I will be living in. She asked some of her friends in Grenoble if they knew of any available apartments and she found a nice, two bedroom place in the middle of downtown. I am really hoping this all works out so I can get my housing taken care of and start getting excited about my trip!
This is the first post of many, so I'll gradually learn all of the ins and outs of blogging. Just hang in there with me.

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